Flesh & Bones

by Anthony Celia

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This music is FREE for you to enjoy and share with the people whom you love. This was made possible by generous donations from friends like you! My goal is to keep putting out free music over the years. Thanks for your support!!!

This download also comes with all of the lyrics and chord charts for each song. Enjoy!


released March 29, 2014

Produced by A. Celia
Engineered, mixed & mastered by A. Celia @ The Watering Hole
All instruments performed by A. Celia. Wes Martin: electric guitars. Kip Fox & Emily Roller background vocals. John Slaten acoustic guitar on track 6.

All songs written by Anthony Celia*
*Track 1 words by Thomas Ken, track 4 written by A. Celia and M. Boswell, track 10 written by William B. Bradbury and Edward Mote.


all rights reserved



Anthony Celia Dallas, Texas

Anthony Celia is a singer/song writer and worship leader based out of Dallas, TX. He writes song for humans to sing to Jesus.

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Track Name: Doxology
praise GOD from whom all blessings flow
praise GOD from whom all blessings flow
praise HIM above all creatures here below
praise HIM above ye heavenly host
praise HIM above all creatures here below
praise HIM above ye heavenly host
praise GOD
Track Name: King of Victory
Verse 1
we were once all dead
the sickness had gone and spread
to our souls, our flesh and bones

Verse 2
our hearts were hard and cold
from the curse of old
but YOU made us new
YOUR love broke through

we are saints
and we’re redeemed
by the blood of our righteous KING
lift your voice and sing
to our KING of victory

Verse 3
from the dust we rose
and to the dust we’ll go
but we will rise

all glory and honor
to our GOD who saves
all glory and power
to our KING of kings
Track Name: O Shine
Verse 1
we are not all blind
everyone can see
the world is not
as it was designed to be

Verse 2
the darkness has made it’s home
in the young and old
but the light is breaking fourth
in the dead of night

so, shine, o shine
won’t YOU shine YOUR light on us
and over come the night with hope and love
shine, o shine

Verse 3
YOU say a day will come
a day the darkness fears
a day the light will reign
over everything

Verse 4
tell that day has come
we will cling to the ONE
who is the source of light
that will never fade

open up our eyes
to YOUR glorious light
Track Name: Once For All (feat. Matt Boswell)
Verse 1
the wonders of YOUR love for us
revealed in full upon the cross
the SOVERIGN ONE condemned to die
while erring ones are brought to life

Verse 2
the final offering HE would be
both sacrifice and GREAT HIGH PREIST
redemptions work completely done
through the merit of CHIRST the SON

once for all, our debt is paid
once for all, no guilt remains
the LAMB who was slain, the LAMB who was raised
once for all, to HIM be praise

Verse 3
through faith alone we now draw near
assured by grace and void of fear
while we who all once stood condemned
now through HIS flesh are welcomed in
Track Name: Death Is Coming
Verse 1
death is coming
‘cause sin is raging
but grace is abounding
and will resurrect these bones

glory is coming
i will hear my name and rise
my body is sleeping
as I wait in paradise
O, LORD increase my faith
in this hope I claim

Verse 2
a day is dawning
when all be made new
sin will have no place
in YOUR kingdom ruled by grace
Track Name: Beautiful
Verse 1
breathe on me
o SPIRIT of the living GOD
and calm this storm
that rages inside of me

Verse 2
speak YOUR peace
over my broken soul
take the pieces
and make something beautiful
make something beautiful

so take my rage and take my hate
take my lust and take my shame
take this skin that’s prone to sin
and make it beautiful

Verse 3
my heart is a stone
hard brittle and cold
carve away LORD
and make something beautiful
make something beautiful

YOU speak life over death
YOU command dead bones to rise
so call my bones to life
Track Name: Colossians Three
Verse 1
set your minds on things above
like peace and hope and joy and love
for we have died and hide in CHRIST
so set you minds on the source of life

may YOUR ways be our ways
may YOUR thoughts be our thoughts
may YOUR word dwell in me
so the world may see
YOUR glory

Verse 2
put to death all earthly things
for we are heirs to a gracious KING
we belong to the ONE
who gave HIS SON, for HE is love

yes, LORD this is my prayer
that you bare good fruit in me
for YOUR glory
Track Name: The Solid Rock
Verse 1
my hope is built on nothing less
than JESUS' blood and righteousness
i dare not trust the sweetest frame
but wholly lean on JESUS' name

on CHRIST the solid rock i stand
all other ground is sinking sand
all other ground is sinking sand

Verse 2
when darkness veils HIS lovely face
i rest on HIS unchanging grace
in every high and stormy gale
my anchor holds within the veil

Verse 3
HIS oath HIS covenant HIS blood
support me in the whelming flood
when all around my soul gives way
HE then is all my hope and stay

Verse 4
when HE shall come with trumpet sound
o may i then in HIM be found
dressed in HIS righteousness alone
faultless to stand before the throne
Track Name: God Bless Your Church
Verse 1
GOD bless YOUR church
not the brick and pews
but the flesh and bones
YOU have chosen to use

Verse 2
GOD bless YOUR church
and turn us back to YOU
help us walk in love
and live in peace and truth
GOD bless YOUR church
GOD bless YOUR church

for YOUR church is who we are
bound by flesh and blood
we fix our eyes upon the ONE
who is YOUR only SON
let us gather round HIM now
to declare that we are one
GOD bless YOUR church
GOD bless YOUR church

Verse 3
GOD bless YOUR church
for we are the bride
and CHRIST is the groom
who came to give HIS life
GOD bless YOUR church

now we sing as one
we give all praise and glory
now we sing as one
we give all praise and glory
GOD bless YOUR church

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